Openshift vs Kubernetes: How do they compare and what to choose?

Nowadays, containerized applications have made development and deployment much easier. From portability and scalability to better security and management, the advantages seem numerous. But when the number of containerized applications increases, so does the need to manage them at scale. Many container orchestration platforms have been developed to fulfill the aforementioned need and Kubernetes and … Read more

Demystifying Kubernetes Architecture: The guide you need

Kubernetes can be challenging for someone who is just getting started. This guide aims at providing a simple and detailed explanation of kubernetes architecture by focusing on the key critical Kubernetes components and how they are linked to each other for a better understanding. Kubernetes Architecture Kubernetes cluster has many different components and each serves … Read more

Kubernetes Namespaces: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

Kubernetes has quickly become very popular among big companies for hosting their applications. It provides numerous benefits like scalability, availability, security and cost savings since it is completely free. Kubernetes also provides a way to segregate applications running in the cluster for easier management with the help of namespaces. Let’s dive deeper to understand what … Read more